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Our focus is on the customer and the benefits


Since the launch of the company, Wolf & Wolf has operated internationally. With subsidiary companies located in Germany, the United States and Serbia, we have provided customers with cost effective products produced in Serbia. We apply the ethical standards of a multi-winning strategy of personalized customer management combined with IT professionals as partners on an individual level for each specialty.


Our focus is on the customer and the benefits. For this we need to understand you – in both language and content. Our management does not solely consist of programmers. We have been operators and have decades of experience in IT development and the proficiency in understanding complex relationships. For us it is also inspiring to translate your ideas into IT systems and applications, and to provide solutions for your problems.

We work

and dynamic
Cost- and

The development of your software products and applications will be of the highest quality
on favorable terms - and you can communicate in your language,
person to person.


CEO Roland Farkas has more than a decade of software engineering experience, and he understands what customers expect from their IT projects.

He was born in Serbia and raised in Germany and has a keen understanding of both cultures. As a liaison, he facilitates the communication and cooperation with our customers from all over the world and our development team in Serbia. As a professional in IT management, he has the skills to communicate and effectively translate customer needs and requirements in the complex world of software development.


Our Pasadena, California office performs corporate functions while also serving as a client resource center—a variety of projects have been started and finalized through this location. Whether it’s basic research or the filing of intellectual property and legal matters, initial planning or the outlining of the various teams’ tasks, the US office is the perfect starting point for the planning and managing of your programming projects.

Our office is strategically located in the heart of California near the business centers of San Francisco (Silicon Valley), Los Angeles and San Diego. We encourage you to visit our level 1 PCI compliant office so you can meet our team and discuss your design requirements.


Our Serbian team of software programmers are of the highest quality.
Serbia has a strong business orientation from the West. The people of Serbia have benefitted from a multilingual education system that promotes the development of accelerated-learning that has produced an IT-savvy population. This has been confirmed by studies and even competitions.

It also confirms a 2003 study conducted by Gallup that places Serbs first among CEE countries for the proficiency in English. 

Specializing in mathematics, physics and information sciences, Serbian students at the World Science Olympics won an impressive number of awards - more than 220 since 1968.

Our Serbian programmers not only have the proficiency, intelligence and abilities, they also maintain a western-oriented business culture that is compatible with the other European countries and the Americas. As such, numerous software companies have established a development center in Serbia.


Senior PHP Web Developer

Desired skills and experience:

  • 5+ years working experience in software development
  • Software design and programming
  • Development in Symfony Framework
  • Knowledge of web technologies (HTML, Javascript, Ajax, ...)
  • Database development knowledge (MySql)
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Good Team player
  • Highly motivated