We deliver quality

Software development á la Wolf & Wolf

is the enemy of good

We deliver quality - guaranteed. Exactly tailored to your requirements. We understand your needs, analyze options for conversion, and then select and decide what technologies can ensure the realization of your idea. We have mastered and understand the relevant technologies and platforms that can be used as instruments in software development. We also have access to third party resources if a project requires expertise outside of the scope of our knowledge base.
Better is the measure of our quality to the exact image of your requirements.

Our project management team in Germany will be your main point of contact.  They in turn are supported by our team in Serbia.  You are more than welcome to visit our Facilities for a personal visit or for training. We also welcome the opportunity to meet with you within the comfort of your office to discuss your current project in detail.  

Trust is good
Control is better

Trust is good, control is better We define our installed processes and work flow tools in a clear and comprehensible manner, and document the work during the stages of the project progress. We value transparency in both directions, and will be happy to provide insight into every step and also in the code modules and programming units. It is our objective to create lasting products that will serve humanity with an unquestionable level of quality.

We use modern project management methods, and work according to the principles of the Scrum agile software development methodology with maximum flexibility and transparency. Our web-based project planning and management tool with time tracking, ticketing and tracking system allows our clients a team-oriented cooperation at all levels of the hierarchy of a software development project, even from an iPhone or iPad. All projects, tickets, users, comments and efforts of multiple servers can be instantly managed online or offline, and edited. Access to file storage and documentation is always available.

What sets us apart

Different countries, different customs, they say. And yes, this is just as true in outsourcing and can prove to be the biggest hurdle. Values, language barriers, cultural customs and characteristics are often barriers that may hinder in the awarding of projects in other countries.

At Wolf & Wolf this is different. Because we speak your language we are your multicultural and multilingual translator in the world of production of quality software applications. It is not only our communication, which contributes substantially to the "understanding", but also our value system that corresponds to the customer. This is only possible with a "bridge builder". Something that you can rely on - at Wolf & Wolf.

Our Services


Roland Farkas, CEO of Wolf & Wolf Germany, is looking back at more than 15 years in software development. He has worked on projects for clients like BMW, the German Army, Zott and many others where he gained valuable experiences.  When working with us, you can benefit from his experience and achieve the highest quality results for your business.

Project Managment

We are following the agile methodology with our project management. What does that mean to you?

  • Faster deliveries
  • Better results - More control and influence
  • Greater flexible software architecture

Web Development

Web development is our passion. We are offering our expertise through the entire process of developing your product or site:

  • Planing
  • Analysing
  • Designing
  • Programming
  • Implementation
  • Testing (Unit tests and manual testing)


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Cross Plattform (Microsoft, Android, iOs)

Maintenance / Support

We are not leaving you alone after the project. You can rely on us to provide you with ongoing support from our software engineers. They can take care of maintaining your system or provide support at any time when needed. We also provide our services if you already have a system that needs be maintained.


We are working with state of the art technologies:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Microsoft.net
  • Html / Html5 / CSS
  • Javascript
  • Zend / Django
  • Akeneo / Django CMS / Typo3 / Magento


What is here today, is gone tomorrow. The IT industry is continuously evolving, dynamic, fast-moving and innovative. We always keep our ears and eyes on the market to see what develops, so we can evaluate and then use the latest technologies for our clients’ projects. We ensure that your products are easy to maintain, safe, and durable, and we make adjustments for age, perform technology supplementation, and can build interfaces to existing software products - our aim is to make it so that you have years of long term return on your investment.